The Bull Fertility Evaluation and Reporting App for Vets.

VSR streamlines on-farm recording of bull fertility evaluations, simplifies morphology counting, automates the delivery of certificates and provides simple shared access to data by utilising a secure database and mobile app.

VSR on mobile phone with link to find out more

VSR | Veterinary Sperm Reporter

Designed in the UK by vets for vets, VSR and The BullApp is a novel bespoke software system that makes the process of recording and reporting bull fertility evaluations easier, faster and more accurate.

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Comprised of an Android and iOS app (The BullApp ) and backed up in a secure cloud database, the software enables a vet to:

Upload animal details (tag, breed, name & dob) in advance, and then download all evaluation data as a CSV file for analysis.

Easily record all evaluation data (including photos) on any mobile device while on-farm, even when offline.

Use the unique touchscreen counter to simplify morphology counting, recording and presentation.

Automatically store the data in a secure database for easy access and retrieval via vet and client portals.

Instantly generate practice-branded certificates based on the BCVA format and deliver them to the client.

Participate in a forum and novel CPD process to improve standards and consistency, benchmark against other vets and use as the basis for clinical audits.

History and Background 

The BullApp

With a clear and intuitive user interface, The BullApp offers a highly-efficient way to record the physical examination, semen collection, morphology counting (using its unique touchscreen “Morpho Dashboard”), provide personalised certificates and simplifies data analysis.

The app is fully-functional when offline, allowing details to be directly entered as the evaluation is carried out on the farm. Animal details can be pre-loaded to reduce crush side admin. When an internet connection is available, the data held in the app is automatically synced to the online VSR database.

An evaluation can be signed off from within the app, enabling the immediate generation and delivery of a customised certificate to the client.

Using The BullApp

“Dear Roger,

Thank you for letting me know about your work on the BullApp.  

It looks amazing!  Congratulations on this truly remarkable, beautiful piece of work … I hope that when the time is right you can bring it to Canada to show it off.”

Albert Barth (WCABP)


Latest on the development of the VSR system and CPD events …

More whistles and bells added in response to user feedback


Many thanks to those vets who have done some on-farm beta testing, and fed back comments. This software is still available free of charge for unlimited evaluations, in return for feedback. As a result there is now a “Add New Farm” facility within the app, removing the need to set a client up in advance […]

New animal detail upload facility – and ready for vets to use


Recently we have run the most significant test days yet- with 86 bulls evaluated over 2 separate days! No problems encountered, and nothing major requested to make it work any better. Big relief and pints to celebrate. The most significant update we did was to upload all of the bull data – tag, name, breed […]

Live in app stores!


Yes, a mile stone passed with TheBullApp available in The AppStore and Google Playstore 🙂 Still a few bugs which we are working on as we find them, and more features to come online. However there are a few catches. Firstly the Microsoft 365 server is binning emails originating from our mail software – no […]

Bull and Ram Fertility Forum


A “Bull Sheet” Forum – When enough vets are registered I would like to develop a forum where we can post problem or interesting cases, and get advice. This may be a separate forum group or within the blog on this website, whichever works best. In time there will be a potentially useful gallery of […]

App update 0.32

Many of the final features have been added, but still at internal testing stage. Crucially the Certificate section is now being updated – formatting, more reliable links to the fields and the option to select the default sample and morpho count from within the app itself. Other features coming online are advisory boxes if the […]

The BullApp Version 0.0.27 Beta


Vets needed to beta test VSR and The bullApp

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