New animal detail upload facility – and ready for vets to use

Recently we have run the most significant test days yet- with 86 bulls evaluated over 2 separate days! No problems encountered, and nothing major requested to make it work any better. Big relief and pints to celebrate.

The most significant update we did was to upload all of the bull data – tag, name, breed and dob in advance, so no need to input this info on the day itself – so much quicker, smoother and no typos. The morpho was finished off in the surgery afterwards, and now all the data can be downloaded as a CSV file, analysed and presented to the client in different ways – 86 pdf certs were not required at this stage, but a condensed tabular report with all the important info would be very much more appreciated!

Rolling out to all vets now, so get on and either download the app and follow the registration process or get in touch.


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