• How do I record multiple defects on a single spermatozoa?

Unfortunately, this proved to be extremely difficult to code, and so a decision on the amount of coding effort against the likely benefit and cost was made that only one type of defect per individual spermatozoa would be recorded.  I suggest you either record the most serious defect, or record both defects and make an allowance for this when interpreting the results, and add a comment in the Vet Clinical notes field. I am aware that more detailed morphology idendification using microscopy other than bright light would appreciate this facility, so it remains on the “wish list”.

  • Will The BullApp actually measure the motility for me?

No, the BullApp and VSR database are designed to make your findings during bull/ram fertility evaluation much easier to record, store and present to the client. It will neither measure motility and defects (like a CASA system) nor make clinical judgements – that is for you as the vet and expert to do!

  • Will The BullApp work in countries other than the UK and Ireland?

Yes, the basic principle of bull and ram fertility evaluations is the same wherever you may be in the world, as are the defects for any nationality of bull or ram spermatozoa. However, the system does initially need to be used on home territory, and when the inevitable bugs and unforeseen issues are found and resolved then it will be updated to suit other countries’ certification requirements. If you register an interest then we will contact you when these decisions are being made and seek your advice on the certificate format etc.

  • Can I work on farm without being online?

Yes, but remember to save the work to your device as you input info. The app will autosave on a regular basis. When you next have wifi access, then Save and Synch to the database. The previous evaluations for that particular farm will not download on arrival, via an automatic GPS trigger, if offline.

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