Pricing options for VSR Database & The BullApp

The following fee levels are currently set at a level that is realistic for vet practices in the UK and Ireland.

FOR ALL OTHER COUNTRIES, contact Roger and/or MerlinUK Vets. Integration with other reporting software systems, rebranding alternative stand alone versions of The BullApp and other options are being explored in response to interest. We are open to all suggestions!


An annual practice subscription will allow unlimited multiple users to access the complete BullApp and VSR database package, incl. The TupApp (potentially late summer 2023).

The pricing structure is based on an annual practice subscription of £100 to cover the initial setup, annual overheads, cloud storage and support.
Practice groups and corporates may qualify for a discount, and the level is dependent on the number of active practices registering.

There will not be an additional initial Practice registration / setup fee levied.

In addition there will to be a small fee of between £3 to £4 for each evaluation initiated.

Evaluation units are available in different sized and discounted bundles as an advance purchase. Multiple practice groups may be able to purchase units to be used from a “joint pool”.

Practices will also be permitted to “borrow” an agreed number of “credits” to allow for unexpectedly running out on farm.

There will be neither an individual User registration / setup fee nor an annual User fee levied, and a practice is allowed to register as many vets as they wish. Practices are responsible for their own details within the database being accurate.

The App download will be on a “freemium” basis. Any user will be able to download The BullApp free of charge, register some practice and user details, and have access to a demo account. Access to the “Morpho Dashboard” sperm counter is included.

Fully registered users will also be able to access all of their practice data as downloadable CSV files.

Support and file storage is included.

All CPD / benchmarking and other features will be included in this single package as they come online. This includes the proposed TuppApp for ram fertility evaluations.

Each vet practice will have Vet Admin Users who will be responsible for inputting and updating the practice and user details, as well as customising the Certificate header/footer with their own logo and address.

Corporate and Practice groups will have an extra admin level, allowing access to data generated by all the practices within their group (with prior agreement of the members).

The BullApp intends to use anonymised data to benchmark practices and countries at a later date.

The freemium version app landing page will be “Select Farm”, showing a “Demo Farm” and all of the subsequent recording screens (Physical, Semen, Morphology) up to the Certificate sign off will be available. This includes “The Morpho Counter”. Evaluations may be saved to the VSR database, and may possibly be available if the vet subsequently registers as a full user, although the data will be incomplete.

Support will always be available, particularly when the software is in the testing and early stages when user feedback will be vital to identifying the inevitable bugs and potential improvements.

The annual Practice Subscription and Evaluation bundle purchases will be administered by Merlin Vet UK via the VSR database website.

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