After Completing the Evaluation – easy data handling

This stage is in development. Further details will be published as the database is updated.

During and after the completion of an evaluation, the data is saved to the VSR cloud database.

Both the vet and clients can access all of their evaluations via secure portals, and download certificates as pdf files.

Results are also available to the vet as a downloadable CSV file, enabling analysis and customised reports to be provided for both the client and the vet’s interest. As the database grows , then internal benchmarking and auditing can be carried out within your practice or group of practices.

With permission, the VSR Administrators will be able to benchmark all of “The BullApp” users against each other and present this in an anonymous form.

This data would potentially be useful for clinical audits at all levels and for evidence based medicine research.

Regular backups on to a different server should always be made of your practice data.

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