Section 2 – Recording Semen collection and motility

The Semen screen uses a series of sliders and dropdown menus to support quick and easy recording.

Recording Semen Observations

Volume “is optional and default is Not recorded.

Collection method” – default is EEJ.

Sample collection / Purity” and “Semen Appearance/density” – drop-down lists.

Yellow / Riboflavin pigment – tick if present.

Gross Motility 0-5” and “Progressive Motility %” are recorded using sliders.

If subsequent samples are required, select “<+>” button in top right header and record the results as before.
Select the “Preferred sample” to be copied to the final Certificate using the green tick box. This will default to the last sample recorded.

Sample sets can be binned.

The video upload facility for Gross and Progressive Motility is temporarily unavailable in iOS, and will be restored as soon as it becomes available again

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